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That’s a wrap on Signals22! Thousands of marketers from across the globe joined Signals this year to learn about Relationship Marketing and the 4 stages every brand needs to navigate to build better relationships with their customers. Acquire, Engage, Personalize and Retain.The sessions are mapped to each of these stages with the goal of inspiring and empowering your organization to adopt better practices and technology to achieve your goals.

All Signals22 sessions are now available to browse and view on demand.


More Than a Product Quiz: Zero-Party Data Across the Customer Lifecycle

Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu Privacy & Marketing Analyst, Forrester

Zero-Party Data: The What, Why and How to Use it Effectively

Nick Watson
Nick Watson VP, Client Success EMEA, Cheetah Digital

The Power of Progressive Profiling and Scaling Customer Data Across Brands

Chris Muscutt
Chris Muscutt Marketing Technology Lead, PepsiCo

The ROI on Relationship Marketing: An Analyst POV

Ray Wang
Ray Wang Principal Analyst & Founder, Constellation Research