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How Brilliant Earth Uses Data to Grow its Fine Jewelry Sales

Kim Turano
Kim Turano Email Marketing Manager, Brilliant Earth


Brilliant Earth has been one of the few DTC brands that has not only met revenue expectations, but has expanded both its physical and digital footprint.

Sales saw double-digit growth in the last quarter, and the brand has opened six new showrooms for a total of 21 across the country. Known primarily as a jeweler for engagement rings, Brilliant Earth has succeeded in converting first-time recipients into long-time shoppers with careful segmenting, retention and follow-up. 

Join us for an informative session to learn more about how this digitally native fine jewelry brand collects data and leans into an omni-channel strategy. Hear about Brilliant Earth’s highly successful “Drop-a-hint” digital experiences has helped acquire customers from the very first time a shopper visits the website. They take reengagement to a whole new level. 

  1. Timing is time-tested. Brilliant Earth attributes much of its repeat business to a well-honed email cadence based on the customer’s first purchase. 

  2. Retailers cannot ignore the power of an in-store transaction that matches the comfort and accessibility of an online shopping experience. This is particularly important for brands in the luxury space. 

  3. Leverage content that’s designed for your various audience groups. Brilliant Earth has converted scores of first-time buyers into repeat customers who purchase for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, and no longer need tactical content about buying an engagement ring. 


Kim Turano

Company: Brilliant Earth
Title: Email Marketing Manager

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