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How the Daily Upside Soared to over 700K Subscribers In Less Than 3 Years

Patrick Trousdale
Patrick Trousdale Founder, The Daily Upside


Launched three years ago as a solo venture by a former investment banker, The Daily Upside delivers business news in a style that’s engaging and insightful.

More than just a reporting of yesterday’s events, The Daily Upside adds more nuance and insights that are sent to 700,000 readers who sign up to receive the brand’s daily email newsletter.

Join us for this session with founder, Patrick Trousdale who shares how their team of nine utilizes their email service provider, Campaign Monitor, to seamlessly deploy the daily newsletter and inform their teams on their readers’ interests and engagement levels.

  1. The Daily Upside maintains a 50% open rate for the brand’s email newsletter.
  2. The Daily Upside relies heavily on quantifying engagement metrics and reader lifetime value to inform new products and growth areas.
  3. Partnerships with brands like The Motley Fool, Plaid or PolicyGenius have been essential to The Daily Upside’s revenue growth. Campaign Monitor’s delivery reports have been essential to keep marketing and advertising partners happy and quantify which partnerships are working more strongly than others. 
Patrick Trousdale

Patrick Trousdale

Company: The Daily Upside
Title: Founder

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