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More Than a Product Quiz: Zero-Party Data Across the Customer Lifecycle

Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu Privacy & Marketing Analyst, Forrester


When it comes to walking the line between personalization and creepy marketing, Forrester Analyst Stephanie Liu is the expert. Stephanie specializes in marketing and privacy, and a focus on the balance between privacy, trust and consumer expectations. In this session, she’ll explore how the death of the cookie, otherwise known as data deprecation, will disrupt how many marketers operate – and how zero-party data is the solution many marketers are looking for.

  1. Four forces of data deprecation are drastically limiting marketers' access to consumer data.
  2. Zero-party data can help marketers personalize without being creepy -- if they use it strategically.
  3. The key to zero-party data is how you collect it: transparently and in exchange for a value or benefit.
Stephanie Lui

Stephanie Liu

Company: Forrester
Title: Privacy & Marketing Analyst

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