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How To Manage Multi-Account Emails, Maintain Brand and Drive Growth Through Data Insights: UC Santa Barbara

Jane McTaggart
Jane McTaggart Senior Digital Communications Strategist, UC Santa Barbara


Both brands and universities can find themselves struggling to empower sub-brands or various departments to use the email channel effectively while staying on brand. Furthermore, sub-brands or independent departments have their own metrics needs while the aggregate metrics across the entire organization can identify best practices and effective strategies, which can be shared for maximum impact.

At University of California, Santa Barbara, Institutional Advancement holds one of their largest email audiences. It comprises segments of alumni, faculty, staff, students, donors and more. This is one of the most important email audiences on and off campus and yet UCSB was struggling with the inability to specialize the emails to each segment. Learn how Emma's email solution helped maintain brand consistency across departments, simplified their review process, brought efficiencies to their segmentation and personalization efforts while delivering data and metrics insights both at the department level as well as in aggregate across the entire organization.

  1. Learn why clean data and the effort to personalize messaging has paid off across critical, revenue generating campaigns
  2. In 2021, over 700 email campaigns netted a delivery rate of 99.92%
  3. How UCSB's "Give Day" email campaigns drove 40% of their total traffic and netted 12% of online gifts
  4. Learn how Emma scaled email solutions helping UCSB expanded to 12 email accounts

Jane McTaggart

Company: UC Santa Barbara
Title: Senior Digital Communications Strategist

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