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Building Customer Loyalty Through Segmentation and Personalization at MS Schippers

Bram Scholten
Bram Scholten E-mail Marketing and Automation Specialist, MS Schippers


Based in the Netherlands, MS Schippers serves livestock farmers and is dedicated to reducing the use of antibiotics in farming. Launched as a family business over 50 years ago, the brand now sells agricultural products to farmers in over 40 countries along with consultation services and customized solutions for professional livestock farming. Email has been one of the brand’s primary channels for growing their audience, for sales and for cultivating a personalized connection with each of their customers.

Join us for an informative session on how MS Schippers uses Selligent Marketing Cloud’s data and segmentation tools to create new audience segments and launch a highly successful loyalty program.

  1. MS Schippers has leveraged Selligent’s audience builder tool to create distinct groups of customers and customer journeys that have increased average order value and brand loyalty. 

  2. MS Schippers has strengthened its loyalty program with automation that alerts its best customers about their membership status and incentives to keep their shoppers engaged if there’s been a lapse in engagement. 

  3. MS Schippers has relied on Selligent’s database and personalization capabilities to create a marketing strategy that unifies a team of 450 employees in 14 different offices. Data is shared across countries and across different business teams in a streamlined, efficient way.  


Bram Scholten

Company: MS Schippers
Title: E-mail Marketing and Automation Specialist

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