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How "Incrementality" Led The White Company to a 21% Increase in Profits

Nick Wilcox
Nick Wilcox Head of CRM & Performance Marketing, The White Company


Affectionately nicknamed “Britain’s Martha Stewart”, Chrissie Rucker founded The White Company as a 12-page mail order catalog 27 years ago. Fast forward two decades later to one of the UK’s most successful multi-category retailers with 60 stores and a thriving ecommerce business. Revenue was at an all time high during the pandemic, with much of the increase attributed to The White Company’s engagement strategy rooted in ‘incrementality’.

Join us for an informative session with Nick Wilcox, head of CRM and Performance Marketing at The White Company who explains how the theory of incrementality and rigorous A/B testing are put into practice for every campaign. 

Learn how The White Company leverages personalization, automated trigger journeys and how they are creating interactive experiences for shoppers as the next level in relationship marketing.

  1. The White Company adheres to incrementality: if there are no incremental upticks in revenue, then the marketing campaign needs to be reevaluated. The brand estimates that one correctly-customized welcome series can generate more than $500,000 in additional revenue.
  2. Real time engagement tools like video and countdown clocks are working. The White Company plans on investing more in these tools as they enter the holiday sales season.
  3. Automated trigger journeys like welcome series and abandoned cart messaging have reduced The White Company’s reliance on promotions and discounting, which help maintain the brand’s image as an upscale retailer. 
Nick Wilcox

Nick Wilcox

Company: The White Company
Title: Head of CRM & Performance Marketing

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