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How The Atlantic Increased Its Subscriber Base With Data and Personalization

Rebecca Quarls
Rebecca Quarls Director, Engagement, Consumer Strategy & Growth, The Atlantic

Since its founding as an abolitionist journal in 1857, The Atlantic has built a reputation for reporting and disseminating transformative ideas — and for challenging the status quo. At a time when news fatigue is rampant amidst the pandemic, economic slowdown and other major global issues of the day, The Atlantic has been one of the few publications to grow its subscriber base. In this session, learn how this 165-year-old brand achieved that growth through its data-driven, reader-first, test-and-iterate approach to serving audiences.

  1. Email newsletters remain one of the strongest ways for publishers to convert visitors into paid subscribers.
  2. Zero party data is the backbone for getting to know your audience. The Atlantic uses in-depth interviews, surveys, usability testing, and competitive research on a constant basis to know more about their readers’ interests.
  3. Paying attention to churn matters. The Atlantic invests heavily in monitoring the last five sessions a user has on its platforms to activate dormant accounts before the person’s subscription expires. 
Rebecca Quarls

Rebecca Quarls

Company: The Atlantic
Title: Director, Engagement, Consumer Strategy & Growth

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