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Where Does Your Brand Stand: The Top Metrics and KPIs in Customer Loyalty

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson CEO, Loyalty360


As the importance of customer loyalty continues to grow within organizations, the need to have a consistent set of metrics is more important than ever before. Over the last 8 months, Loyalty360 has conducted qualitative interviews with its brand and supplier members, gathering insights on each organization’s metrics, dashboards, and benchmarks. Through these interviews, Loyalty360 has come to understand how brands define these metrics, which ones they are using, the ones that are most important, and details on the metrics marketers would like to have, but don’t have the ability to access.  
After an initial interview process, Loyalty360 confidentially surveyed 250+ brands regarding their own metrics, creating the first-ever benchmarking study for brands within and across industries. During this session, Loyalty360 will share its key findings and how the metrics can be leveraged and enhanced going forward.

  1. Understand which metrics matter when building a loyalty program
  2. Understand what other leaders in your industry or focused on
  3. Learn how technology can help you make sense of customer interactions
Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Company: Loyalty360
Title: CEO

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