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Let's Talk Loyalty - Insights From Some of the World's Leading Loyalty Marketers

Paula Thomas
Paula Thomas Host, Let's Talk Loyalty podcast


Having released almost 300 podcast episodes over the last three years, Paula Thomas is now affectionately known as the "Oprah of Loyalty." Her podcast features interviews with the loyalty marketers in the world's leading consumer brands, and it is ranked in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide. "Let's Talk Loyalty" has interviewed senior loyalty strategy experts in every sector imaginable, including airline, hotels and retailers worldwide, featuring industry leaders like American Airlines, Ikea, Panera Bread, Microsoft and Dell. Join this session to gain a deeper understanding of successful loyalty tactics.

  1. Loyalty marketing is here to stay - Long Live Loyalty!
  2. From transactional to emotional - the unfolding journey 
  3. Pandemic insights and post-pandemic opportunities
  4. Advice for marketers
  5. Web 3.0 and its role in loyalty marketing - some early insights
Paula Thomas

Paula Thomas

Company: Let's Talk Loyalty podcast
Title: Host

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