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Experts Tell All: How Industry Giants Use Data to Speak Authentically to Diverse Audiences



When it comes to creating a compelling brand voice and inspiring customer advocacy, marketers face numerous challenges. At the top of that list? How to effectively use data to create genuine, engaging content for consumers from increasingly diverse backgrounds. In this session, you’ll learn strategies and techniques to create and measure the impact of these initiatives from PR, brand and marketing experts with experience at industry giants including Starz, Toyota, the City of Los Angeles and Netflix.

Key Takeaways:

  1. There is tangible ROI for organizations who create and nurture brands that value the diversity of their audiences.

  2. There are multiple ways to gather and use data - including zero party data and surveys - to inform the content creation process, and measure the impact of your initiatives.

  3. The best brands create an environment where creativity and authenticity have a measurable impact on communication. They also ensure all partners - internal and external - believe in the importance of the efforts, and operate accordingly.

Global Creative Marketing, Netflix
Founder & Chief Strategist, Digital Delane